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Hypocrite Nazis?

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For more than three decades, William Potter Gale warned the world that a satanic Jewish conspiracy disguised as communism was corrupting public officials and the courts, undermining the United States and wrecking its divinely inspired Constitution.Jews, the self-described “reverend” taught, were offspring of the devil, while non-whites were “mud people” and whites were the real Hebrews of the Bible. By the time of his death in 1988, Bill Gale had spent half a lifetime energetically promoting his particularly bloodthirsty brand of anti-Semitism across America.

“Arise and fight!” Gale preached in one infamous sermon broadcast to Kansas farmers in 1982. “If a Jew comes near you, run a sword through him.”

But William Potter Gale had a secret. It turns out that Gale, founder of the Jew-hating Posse Comitatus that raged through the Midwest in the 1970s and 1980s, was descended on his father’s side from a long line of devout Jews.

In interviews with this author for a book being published this fall, Gale’s daughters revealed with some bemusement the Jewish roots of their grandfather and his forebears.

Ironically, like so many other 19th-century Jews from Eastern Europe, Bill Gale’s father Charles was fleeing Russian anti-Semitism and seeking economic opportunity when he arrived in the United States in 1894, changing his name from Grabifker in the process.

Four years later, Charles, then 18, lied about his age and place of birth in order to join the U.S. Army — but he was truthful enough to declare on his military enlistment papers that his parents’ nationality was “Hebrew.”

While Charles Gale eventually abandoned Judaism, married a non-Jew and raised his children as Christians, all of his siblings proudly embraced their religious heritage. Charles’ younger sister, a practicing Jew, was often a guest in the Gale family household in Los Angeles when Bill Gale was a teenager.

Despite this and many other reminders of his father’s heritage, Bill Gale had adopted Christian Identity theology and become an unrepentant anti-Semite by the mid-1950s.

Although it is in some ways unique, the remarkable case of Bill Gale is not unprecedented. Some of the most zealous anti-Semites on the American white supremacist scene have turned out to have direct family links to the religion and the people they have devoted their lives to hating.

Similarly, a self-described “Aryan” named Leo Felton, convicted this year in a conspiracy to blow up Jewish and black landmarks, turned out to have a black father. And uncounted white supremacists have sneaked across the color line to engage in sex with black women.

Jewish anti-Semitism, however, is a case unto itself.

Power and Powerlessness
Around the world, there is a sad and troubling history of Jewish self-hatred that has played itself out in a variety of ways. To even start to understand this history, it is necessary to understand the basic mythology of anti-Semitism.

As described by Norman Cohn — a leading scholar of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a classic anti-Semitic text — the political myth about Jewish world domination can be summarized as follows:

[T]here exists a secret Jewish government which, through a worldwide network of camouflaged agencies and organizations, controls political parties and governments, the press and public opinion, banks and economic developments … in pursuance of an age-old plan and with the single aim of achieving Jewish dominion over the entire world.

On a more individual level, Jews are often stereotyped as unethical, dishonest, socially aggressive, conceited, clannish, stingy and obsessed with money.

Historically, these myths have been pervasive — so pervasive that they seep into the consciousness of many Jews as well as non-Jews.

“It is important to remember that western society has a heavy anti-Semitic underpinning, and negative stereotypes about Jews are part of the culture in which everybody grows up, Jews and non-Jews alike,” says Sander Gilman, a University of Illinois at Chicago liberal arts professor and the author of Jewish Self-Hatred, a key text on the subject.

This view is echoed by Raphael Ezekiel, a psychologist and the author of The Racist Mind: Portraits of American Neo-Nazis and Klansmen.

“If you live next door to a cement factory, then inevitably cement dust gets into your body,” says Ezekiel, who in recent years has worked as a senior research scientist and visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health. “And the same goes for anti-Semitism and other prejudices. Everyone who grows up in a culture gets impacted by those beliefs that are deeply held, including the members of endangered groups.”

These observations apply to Bill Gale. But there were other factors, too.

Like many other retired military officers in the early 1950s, Gale was drawn to the extremely conservative, anti-Communist politics of the time, which were often tainted by anti-Semitism and diehard opposition to racial integration. And because his idolized father had abandoned Judaism and lied about his immigrant status, Gale’s adoption of anti-Jewish beliefs also may have been driven by a desire to preserve what he felt was his father’s shameful secret.

Charles Gale also apparently endured subtle slights from his more financially secure Jewish relatives in Portland, Ore., and young Bill seems to have picked up on these resentments.

Co-existing with the myth of Jewish power and aggression is a parallel and yet contradictory stereotype: the Jew as vulnerable and weak. And it is this image of the Jew that most often gives rise to Jewish self-hatred.”Jews who become genuine anti-Semites do so because of a need to recapture some sense of lost power, and that idea is very much connected to the image of the weak Jew,” Gilman says.

When faced with a barrage of anti-Semitic stereotypes the majority of Jews readily choose to discard the images, says Gilman. But some Jews get caught up in false notions of “good Jews vs. bad Jews,” while others may internalize the stereotypes or even choose to identify with the aggressor.

It is this latter tendency that best explains the behavior of those Jews who became leading advocates of forcible conversion in medieval times, along with those who join neo-Nazi groups in the modern era. In fact, Gilman cites studies by the famous child psychologist Anna Freud (the daughter of Sigmund Freud), who observed Jewish children in England who had recently escaped from Nazi Germany. She found that during some forms of spontaneous play, many of these children chose to identify as Nazis.

“Identification with the aggressor signals an attempt to recapture a sense of power and indicates a tremendous sense of powerlessness in the psychic life of the Jewish anti-Semite,” says Gilman.

He also points to a similar phenomenon that was identified among African Americans by black psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Phipps Clark during the 1940s.

Among other things, the couple’s pioneering “doll studies” revealed that black children as young as 5 years old already had developed negative self-images based upon the racially prejudiced values of the larger society. When given a choice between playing with a white doll or a black one, these studies found, the majority of African-American children chose the white doll.

“You cannot assume that there is a single explanation for the all of the individual nuances of self-hatred,” says Gilman, “but you can develop a model which explains the movement toward certain end goals. And the principle goal is the achievement of power.”

Certainly, this seems to have been the case with Daniel Burros, a tragic figure from Queens, N.Y.

One More Victim
Growing up, Burros’ pious devotion to Judaism greatly impressed the elders of Talmud Torah synagogue. But by 1960, Burros had pledged his loyalty to George Lincoln Rockwell, “commander” of the American Nazi Party. A year and a half after moving to Rockwell’s headquarters in Arlington, Va., Burros left the party — but not Nazism — and returned to his native New York.

Back in the Empire State, Burros hooked up with a variety of hate groups, earned a conviction for conspiracy to riot, and eventually migrated to the Ku Klux Klan, where he became the New York State organizer for Robert Shelton’s United Klans of America (UKA), the most notorious Klan group of the period.

But on Halloween, 1965, Burros got quite a shock: A front-page article in The New York Times exposed his Jewish roots. Burros killed himself that same day.

At the time he died, Burros had been living for about a week in the Reading, Penn., home of Roy Frankhouser, then the 25-year-old grand dragon, or state leader, for the UKA. Frankhouser, who would go on to serve two federal prison sentences, bizarrely eulogized Burros at a Maryland gathering a short time later.

“To the good Jews, we offer our love and respect and understanding,” said Frankhouser, praising his fallen compatriot for having separated himself from the “bad” ones.

Burros, of course, had made no such distinction. Throughout his short career as a militant white supremacist, he had favored total extermination of the Jews.

After hundreds of thousands of people read the Times story about Burros’ roots, along with the front-page account the next day of his suicide, two editors at the paper teamed up to investigate.

Abe Rosenthal and Arthur Gelb’s One More Victim: The Life and Death of a Jewish Nazi traced Burros’ self-hatred to the same sources identified by Gilman: a quest for power by one who has come to associate all of his inadequacies and feelings of powerlessness with being Jewish. They wrote:

The record of his short life shows that never since his childhood did he believe himself strong enough, worthy enough, to survive as himself.Dan Burros searched for the explanation … and discovered it. … Everything that was ‘Jewish’ in him was weakness to him. … Most men hate something … within them, but most men do not find the world telling them over and over, ‘You are right to hate yourself.’

Dan Burros did … and the one overwhelming irony of [his] life was that he became an example of the quintessential Jewish victim — the Jew who confesses that the diseased fantasy in the mind of the anti-Semite is truth.

Having confessed, Dan Burros sought to escape punishment. The only way he could do this was to identify himself with the aggressor, the man of strength, and become himself a judge of the Jews. To survive as he wished to survive, he had to destroy his enemy and his enemy was the Jew. …

The Nazis were the accusers, judges, torturers, and executioners of the Jews. Thirsting for the torment and execution of the Jew in himself, Dan Burros fled to them. They would help him kill the Jews and they would give him the greatest gift, the death of a particular Jew.

Burros’ story might have faded from memory, were it not for the efforts of Hollywood writer-director Henry Bean, who this year released “The Believer,” an award-winning film based loosely on an updated version of the Burros story.

Besides Dan Burros, there are very few known instances of those of Jewish heritage rising to prominence in the Klan. But one man who has persisted steadily in his efforts to promote the hooded order despite being born Jewish is Jordan Gollub, currently leader of the tiny Royal Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

In the 1980s, Gollub managed to rise to the post of Mississippi state leader of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, then led by Virgil Griffin of North Carolina. But in 1989, Griffin uncovered Gollub’s background — Gollub had been born to Jewish parents in Philadelphia — and booted him out of the Knights as a result.

To the amusement of many, Gollub angrily qualified Griffin’s account, saying that he had actually been ejected because of his religious “background and the fact that I’m against Catholics joining the Klan.” Catholics, he argued, have a primary loyalty to the pope, rather than the United States. “We can’t have an organization with 100% Americans with Catholics,” Gollub told the Jackson (Miss.) Daily News.

Things haven’t gone too well for Gollub since then.

Gollub has spent the last years trying to get a new Klan group going, with most of his efforts ending in disappointment. This summer, he announced plans to march in three Mississippi cities with a phalanx of his Royal Confederate Knights. In the event, he actually showed up in only two of those cities, accompanied by just three followers.

Afterward, said he would lead the Klan in three Alabama marches this December. When he learned that one of those marches would conflict with a Christmas parade, he said he was willing to reschedule.

Is That Wolfgang or Andy?
Andrew Britt Greenbaum was a bright, high-achieving high school student living in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Westwood, outside Boston, when he ran for class president on an explicitly racist platform and launched a tiny anti-Semitic hate group on the Internet that he called the Knights of Freedom.

Within days of graduating high school in 1996, the one-time chess whiz of his parents’ neighborhood legally changed his name to hide his partly Jewish heritage. If the appellation Davis Wolfgang Hawke left any doubts as to his politics, the SS suits he liked to dress up in did not. His Wofford College dormitory room in South Carolina was draped with National Socialist flags, and he sold swastika armbands.

The architect of the “Ministry of Racial Unity” was not shy.

“We must all carry with us in our hearts this knowledge, that the dreams of Adolf Hitler have not faded away, but are just as alive today as they were years ago! The German army was defeated on the battlefield, but the ideals of Adolf Hitler live on in the hearts and souls of those who now carry the torch of the Aryan peoples,” Hawke told supporters who called him “the chosen one.”

Hawke’s Net-based group, renamed the American Nationalist Party in its last moments of life, eventually claimed more than 100 adherents. But it collapsed in along with his make-believe ethnicity after the Intelligence Report described his Jewish heritage.

His one last bid for attention disintegrated into ignominy when, after promising a march of thousands of neo-Nazis in Washington, D.C., just four people showed up — not including the wannabe führer of Wofford College.

“He’s a chicken,” his mother, Peggy Greenbaum, told a reporter.

Greenbaum, who was labeled a “race traitor” by her son, told the Intelligence Report at the time that she had had no idea of her son’s neo-Nazism. Weeping, she recalled how her nerdy boy had been taunted as a “kike” at school and was even beaten by classmates jealous of his good grades.

“I just don’t know where it came from,” she said of the 20-year-old who earlier bragged to the Report that he intended to become the “absolute, supreme dictator” of the United States.

“He seems to be so full of hate and so power-hungry. … I just don’t want him to hurt anyone.”

Like other young people drawn to hate groups, Hawke was impressed by the power of Nazi martial regalia and its message of violence. The rest of what drove him to reject his parents and recommend their extermination may never be known.

Today, Gale and Burros are dead, Gollub is trying against all odds to rehabilitate himself in the world of the Klan, and Hawke has vanished without a trace from the public arena. But the story of hypocritical hate did not begin with Bill Gale, and it surely will not end with Gollub or Hawke.

For an entire millennium — from the 8th to the 18th century — Jewish converts to Christianity were among the leading advocates of forcibly converting their former brethren and of burning the Talmud, the text of rabbinical commentaries on Jewish law. In the early 20th century, there were numerous converted Jews who also made careers out of attacking their former co-religionists.

As long as there is religious and ethnic hatred in this world, there will be members of oppressed groups who turn on themselves.


The Truth About National Socialist Movement (NSM)

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Recently, with the demise of the Aryan Nations, National Alliance, and World Church Of The Creator, the National Socialist Movement has come to the forefront and is getting publicity all over the USA because of their staged marches and publicity stunts aimed at getting themselves in the news in order to make themselves look like they are important. How important are they? Well, let us take a look at the facts on the NSM, starting with the leader, Clifford D. Herrington. The website of the NSM lists Herrington as the Chairman of the NSM.

Clifford D. Herrington, official Chairman of the NSM

Herrington2005-1.jpg (69954 bytes)

Click Photo to enlarge

Herrington, born in 1947 was a follower of Joe Tomassi, the leader of the National Socialist Liberation Front, who was shot to death on the front steps of the Nazi party headquarters by a rival Nazi in 1975. Herrington and a fellow Nazi named Robert Brannen of Lebanon, Ohio co-founded the National Socialist Movement with Brannen as the official party Chairman, and Herrington as the Commander.

 On May 1st, 1980, Herrington and Brannen organized a “United Patriotic Front” march on Cincinnati Square, in Cincinnati, Ohio in which they advertised a huge Nazi-Klan rally, but the Klan didn’t show and Brannen, Herrington and 14 Nazis all marched out onto the square under police protection with about three thousand demonstrators trying to bust through the barricades to get their hands on the Nazis. The NSM members were drunken biker type thugs with long hair and their women who looked like refuges from a trailer park, were standing by in the audience dressed as civilians taking pictures of the protesters, which is a tactic of the NSM.  The police escorted the NSM out of town as demonstrators threw rocks and bricks through the windows of the vehicles the Nazi’s were riding in.

 Back at Brannen’s house drinking ensued and Brannen’s wife came out and held a gun to her head threatening suicide because of Brannen’s involvement in the Nazi party. Brannen’s own son, who had participated in the march wearing full SS NSM uniform, rebelled against his father telling him he wanted out of the movement. Herrington and Brannen sat and got drunk and Herrington screamed and cried like a baby saying “No one understands National Socialists!” Herrington is a paranoid schizophrenic with a severe body odor problem. He cries and flies off in a rage at any given moment, and then can be back to calm again.

NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington, 2nd from right

Herrington was known to get drunk and make lewd, crude and socially unacceptable sexual comments to women telling them how he would like to put them on dog leashes and make them do sexual acts, which disgusted more then one woman. At the Rhinestone Cowboy Club, in Oklahoma City, back in 1981, Herrington stalked a waitress named Janie who had gone out with him twice, until he told her he was a Nazi, and flew into a rage calling her a whore and a slut shaking his fist at her when she told him she didn’t want to go out with him again. He then proceeded that same night to tell two other women that if they would leave the bar with him, he would take them home where ‘We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall f**k!” On another visit to Oklahoma City, Clifford told Miss Kathy Hamilton and Alice Clary of Moore, Oklahoma that he would like to tie them up and make them do sexual acts and bark like a dog. Herrington would often put on a German accent and pretend he had a Jewish person under a spotlight and mock threatening them with, “We have ways of making you talk!” 

Herrington took over in 1983 as the NSM Party Chairman, due to Brannen suffering a series of strokes. Herrington has always been a behind the scenes type of guy keeping out of the spotlight for the most part in order to protect his job, but once in awhile Herrington can’t resist the temptation to play “Fuehrer” at the rallies and meetings so he shows up giving speeches, screaming and hollering like Hitler. He does envision himself as another Hitler and has grown a Hitler mustache at times and has dressed up like Hitler, going out in public to do every day things like grocery shopping. 

Herrington giving the “Heil Hitler” salute.

He has sat in front of his TV set cussing, ranting, and raving while shaking his fist at the TV watching “Hogan’s Heroes” which was a sitcom starring Bob Crane and Robert Clary, about prisoners of war outsmarting the German camp commandant. Herrington has two daughters by his first wife who divorced him due to his Nazi activities. In 1988 Herrington married again, to a Nazi woman who he met through an Aryan dating service, who goes by the name of Andrea Dietrich, and also an alias “Maxine Dietrich,”  and she became his mail order bride. Andrea has a darker complexion than most white women in the Nazi movement who claim Aryan ancestry, with darker than normal skin, black hair and piercing dark eyes. She has allegedly told others that she is part Native American. Whatever she is, she most certainly does not fit the Aryan criteria of being a full-blooded White woman. She showed up in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the airport dressed in a Nazi uniform, with her little boy who is half non-white, who she also dressed in a Nazi uniform, disembarked from the airplane and “Sieg Heiled” her new “Fuehrer.” They were married in Tulsa, renting out a banquet room at a hotel decorating it with Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler all over the walls, to the horror of the hotel clerks who didn’t realize they had rented the room to the Nazi party.

NSMYouth.jpg (99259 bytes)

Click to enlarge to see Herrington’s youth corps

 Herrington had a small group of teenagers who followed him and he had them dress up in Nazi uniforms as they picketed the Jewish Community Center and Herrington stood to the side with a riding crop in hand commanding, “March-two-three!” as the kids walked in a circle. Then Herrington made comments to Jewish women that he wished this was the good old days in Germany so he and his followers could come in and rape them. 

One of Herrington’s favorite tactics has always been to leaflet in the middle of the night by making a wallpaper paste and cutting a hole in the side of an empty plastic anti-freeze jug, filling it with the paste and a paint brush and carrying it to give the appearance that he is “out of gas” and have another comrade with him with Nazi party leaflets rolled up inside his jacket as they walk down the street while Herrington slaps the paste on the walls of businesses and street lampposts while the other guy slaps the poster or leaflet over it. The wallpaper paste makes it hard to get the leaflet off when it dries and it must be scraped off and cannot be just taken down. Herrington was once caught by the police leafleting without a permit, but they let him go when he acted retarded sticking his teeth out and acting like a twit.

 In the 1980’s Herrington was working on an idea to have someone fly to Libya via another route through another country to meet with Col. Mu’ammar Gadhafi to receive money to help fight the Jews in America and to fund the Nazi party, claiming “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Herrington was also suggesting bank robbery as a means to fund the movement. Herrington has preached for years that the economy needs to collapse in order for the masses to listen to the Nazi’s and have a total chaotic race war in which Jews, white people who disagree with the Nazi movement and all other races will be exterminated as Herrington becomes the new Fuehrer.

 Herrington worked for Phillips 66 Oil Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for several years. Not long after his marriage to his mail order Nazi bride, Herrington moved up north to Minnesota. It is not known whether he transferred and is still employed for Phillips 66 or not, but might be worth checking out. In the mid nineties, according to another White Supremacist leader, Dennis Mahon, Herrington and his bride were passing through Tulsa and asked if Mahon could put them up for a few days, explaining they were on the run from the law as Clifford had had an affair with an underage teenage girl and the law was looking to prosecute. Whether this was actually true or not, is not known, but given Herrington’s past record of making explicit comments and sexual innuendos toward younger girls, this would not be surprising if it were found to be true.

Herrington advertised a “Veterans Meeting” in Jay, Oklahoma, back in 1987, putting up posters all over the Northeast Oklahoma area. Herrington held the meeting at the Community Center and several Vets showed up but jumped up and walked out when Herrington stood in front of them and screamed out, “I am a Nazi!” When all the Vets walked out, Cliff sat down and cried again. This will be available on DVD or a video of this will appear on this website in the near future.

Herrington with his gang of Nazi thugs


In 1994 Herrington named Jeff Schoep as the new Commander of the NSM because Schoep, being born in 1973, was able to appeal to skinheads and other young white racists, in order to increase membership, something Herrington was never able to do.  Herrington was smart in doing this as he knew he could still lead and control things behind the scenes but would use Jeff Schoep to recruit the younger crowd.

Herrington with Jeff Schoep to his right, holding the flag


 Jeff Schoep is a petty criminal that has a string of petty crimes on his record  including a felony arrest in 1998 for aiding and abetting a burglary.

According to court records, Schoep — who was unemployed at the time, and apparently still is — was arrested for accompanying the mother of his daughter when she stole $4,000 worth of computer equipment. Four children were in the back seat of the car during the burglary.

Schoep, who had become NSM commander four years before the incident, pleaded guilty and got off with probation! Isn’t that a fine example of good strong Aryan leadership? Hitler would be so proud! Here are some more facts on Schoep.

Commander Jeff Schoep


 According to

Nicole Nichols writes that:  NSM Jeff Schoep has no experience at all in leadership and has never served in any military capacity. He has 8 kids with several different women.

The so-called Commander of the NSM preaches about the rights of the White Worker while he himself is unemployed and lives off the government (that means us and our taxes are subsidizing his lies). It is fact and his own wife admits it on tape. Anyone can order the NSM 2003 Congress video and see for themselves his wife giving a speech, She states that they do not receive state welfare (perhaps Social security) but that they receive MEDICAID insurance to care for their children. Anyone who is approved for FOOD STAMPS is eligible for MEDICAID. If Jeff Schoep denies this he’s publicly calling his own wife a liar.
Many times the NSMs so-called Commander has stated and it’s on the front page of the website that the NSM is the ONLY White Power organization that offers training to it’s membership. A LIE to get more misfits to join the ranks and pay him for membership. The truth is there are no NSM training grounds or scheduled training events.
Anyone with $20 bucks can join the NSM and that’s a liability to anyone already in the NSM and an open invitation to be infiltrated. The security of it’s members is constantly put at risk. The Lie is that there are background checks done on new members, there are no background checks or even anyone capable of handling such checks.
There are no books kept for dues by the NSM. No oversight or reporting to members of any kind in order to know where the money goes or how much is coming in. It goes straight into the pocket of the Supreme Commander Jeff Schoep. Any inquiries into the finances are blown off and never reported to members. At all times members are led to believe the NSM is cash strapped and in desperate need of dues and funds for items which are already available to the NSM. Donations of audio equipment have been offered by existing members yet the NSM has constantly solicited funds to buy new audio equipment that never gets used.

Adultery allegations are rampant, everything from private hotel room parties when out of town while his wife stays with the children and Schoep lives it up. Booze and women at events are well known and documented, even members are now unwilling to take spouses to events because of the sexual advances of NSM members and even the Commander. Some members who are female have even made claims they have had sexual relations with Schoep at after rally get togethers.


The NSM is paramilitary in structure; its members claim to be lieutenants, sergeants, and other military ranks. One of the most openly Nazi-like of the various neo-Nazi groups in the United States, its members frequently wear uniforms patterned after those of the Third Reich. In just a few years, the NSM has grown from a few chapters to dozens. However, most of its chapters are quite small, and many tend to be very short-lived. In 2004, it has between 100 and 200 members and hangers-on in 38 chapters.

Former Kansas Grand Dragon of the White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan, Tim Bishop is now an NSM officer.


 Bishop was arrested in Kansas City at a TV station while going to a taping of the Klan’s TV show, Klansas City News. The Klan was running a campaign against drugs claiming that drugs were used by Negroes, Jews and other non-Whites, putting out leaflets all over the country to that effect. Police arrested Bishop at the studio carrying a can of Skoal dipping tobacco in his back pocket which contained marijuana instead of the Skoal. The newspapers began referring to Bishop as “The Grand Zig Zag.” 

NSM’s Tim Bishop, aka “The Grand Zig Zag”

This so embarrassed the Klan, that they expelled him from the White Knights. Bishop then joined Richard Butler’s Aryan Nations and moved to Idaho where he became Butler’s Staff leader on the compound, but in July 1995, a fistfight broke out when it was alleged that the wife of Staff Leader Tim Bishop was stealing money from the organization. The fracas contributed to Bishop’s decision to resign his post and return to Kansas. He then joined the NSM where he now serves as a National officer.

Another one of the NSM’s “fine” examples of national leadership, is John Snyder, who is a convicted sex offender. The NSM is not lying when it says it is one of the most active groups which recruits a large number of young kids. 

Their photos on their website prove it. The NSM may not, however, be the best place to send your children for summer camp. That became apparent when the Indiana Department of Corrections posted a photograph of that state’s NSM leader, John Edward Snyder, (below) 39.

Sex Offender John Edward Snyder, NSM Leader

It turns out that Snyder was released recently after about four years in prison — for rape, criminally deviant conduct and criminal confinement. A registered sex offender, Snyder is banned by his probation from having contact with or recruiting children. Apparently this is of no concern to the NSM, as he is looked up to and admired as one of it’s national leaders.

Last but not least, the NSM has Bill White (pictured below) as one of it’s national leaders. White has been an anarchist, Marxist, and now a Nazi. He is also a woman beater. 


According to intelligence reports gathered by the SPLC,, Bill White, a neo-Nazi propagandist with a taste for words like “nigger” and “nig-rat,” has set up shop in a black neighborhood in Roanoke, Va., as the landlord of nine rental properties whose 18 units were rented to mostly black or biracial tenants.

A former anarchist who now runs the anti-Semitic Web site, White said in August that his White Homes and Land, LLC, had some $636,000 in assets. He has described his purchases as part of his “ghetto beautification project.”

News of White’s venture hit the front pages of local newspapers this summer after a woman he describes as a former girlfriend began leafleting the West End area where his properties are located with “Meet Your Local Racist” fliers.

Erica Hardwick-Hoesch, a self-described former neo-Nazi who adamantly denies ever having been White’s lover, was punched in the face by White as she passed out the fliers with a friend on July 6. In early August, a judge convicted White of assault, while Hardwick-Hoesch was fined for trespassing on his rental properties.

Not long after acquiring his properties last spring — he testified in court that he owns six outright, with three more under contract — White moved to evict Angie Layman, who said that she believed he was going after her because she has a black boyfriend and biracial children. White denied that, saying he was a “socialist” wanting to “assist the disadvantaged,” and calling Layman a criminal.

White also denied being prejudiced against blacks, saying the only people he hated were Jews. But White’s postings on own Web site — replete with slurs like “nigger” and including the complaint that whites “mistakenly believe nigs to be fellow humans” — make that assertion hard to swallow. White has also included recipes for drugs along with bomb making on his website.

Not only is the NSM paramilitary in structure, but its members also engage in armed paramilitary training. In 2000, one of its Ohio members began offering weapons and other military training at a farm in that state, and NSM members from several states attended. In issues of its various periodicals over the years, the NSM has advocated weapons training for whites and has published the recipes for explosives such as fertilizer bombs.


Units Claimed by NSM (as of 7/05):
California (2)
Colorado (2)
Indiana (3)
Kansas (3)
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Ohio (2)
South Carolina
South Dakota
Virginia (3)
West Virginia
Wisconsin (2)

In October, the NSM planned a march through a neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio, in which they advertised that they were marching to get rid of the gangs. Gang members and others filled the streets by the hundreds to fight the NSM Nazis. The police sensed danger and dispersed the Nazis when they said they were changing the path of the march they agreed upon, which then gave the police the right to stop the march. The Nazis left and the gangs and anti-Nazi protesters rioted causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The NSM accomplished exactly what they set out to do. The got the publicity they so desperately seek, and they caused a race riot which gave them ammunition to prove what they say about gang members who are minorities, when they refer to them as animalistic. When anti-racists riot in the street and hurt innocent people like the gang members did in Toledo, they are living up to the stereotypes that the Nazi’s use to instill fear into others, in order to get them to join the NSM. Case in point. The gang members in Toledo who came out to fight the Nazi’s were so mad that they didn’t get their hands on the NSM, that they took to the streets and injured innocent people and destroyed property, burning buildings and fighting the police causing millions of dollars in damages. When they act like that, they are no better then the Nazis

White Power Kiddy Fiddler

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Ronnie Painter was a 15-year-old alcoholic and painkiller addict on the run from the law in 1992 when he first took refuge at “the compound,” also known as the WAR House. Tucked away in a secluded, heavily forested area just outside this central Alabama city, the compound was owned by William E. Davidson, more commonly known by the alias Bill Riccio.At that time Riccio was a former Klan leader-turned-godfather of the neo-Nazi skinhead movement in the Deep South. The compound was equal parts recruiting station, clubhouse and crash pad. It was a place where underage, disaffected boys could go to drink, play with guns and feel wanted.

Painter today is a 32-year-old inmate at Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Ala., where he’s been incarcerated for burglary and drug convictions since 1998. He’s a frail man whose physical frame is barely larger than a folding chair. He was even tinier as a teen when Riccio urged him to get the “Confederate lady” tattoo on his right leg to demonstrate his allegiance to the Aryan National Front (ANF), a skinhead gang Riccio created in the early 1990s.

Ronnie Painter came from a home where he and his twin brother Lonnie watched their mother beaten often by her boyfriend, who rained blows on the brothers as well. Ronnie dropped out of school in the eighth grade and headed straight for a life of juvenile crime. It was during this troubling time that he was recruited and groomed by Riccio.

“He [Riccio] would prey on kids with legal problems, emotional problems, and dysfunctional kids,” Painter told the Intelligence Report in a recent prison interview.

When Ronnie’s brother escaped from a juvenile detention center, also in 1992, the first place he went was the WAR House, where Ronnie Painter had already found a home.

“Mostly, it was alcohol out there,” Lonnie Painter said in an interview from Draper Correctional Facility in Elmore, Ala., where he’s serving 20 years for armed robbery. “Lots of guns, we shot a lot of guns — anything that looked cool to a kid, he [Riccio] done it.”

Riccio was at the height of his power in 1992. He was 35 years old and presiding over a network of at least 70 skinheads in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. He enthralled the boys with motivational speeches that indoctrinated them into Riccio’s blend of neo-Confederate ideology and Hitler worship. He instructed them to blame all their problems on non-whites, gays and the Jews who secretly control the U.S. government. He taught his followers that organized racism and violence were their only paths to salvation. Skinheads under his sway committed at least four murders.

“It is [Riccio’s] apparent ability to organize and mobilize disenchanted young white males to acts of violence that makes him dangerous,” said the judge who sentenced Riccio to 46 months in prison for violating a federal bodyguard statute in 1992. (In the end, Riccio only served 15 months.)

Riccio still lives in the Birmingham area, and is still active in the white supremacist movement as the imperial kludd, or national chaplain, of the North Georgia White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. By his own description, he continues to cruise shopping malls, rock concerts and swimming holes in search of young recruits, who might be well advised to heed the warnings of the Painter brothers and several other members of the previous generation of Riccio’s toy soldiers.

Now grown men, they uniformly describe Riccio as a master manipulator who exploited them emotionally and, in some cases, sexually. “I’d get extremely drunk and ride off in the car with him, then he’d perform oral sex on me,” says Ronnie Painter, who says he remembers at least four such sexual encounters with Riccio. Afterwards, “He’d apologize and then call me three or four times a day asking me if I was mad at him,” says Ronnie.

Lonnie Painter says that one night during a party at the compound, Riccio plied him with alcohol and gave him a few red pills. He says he woke up with Riccio on top of him, groping between his legs. “I was scared to try and leave right then,” says Lonnie. “When he went to work, I packed my shit and got my [grand]momma to come get me. I never slept at his house again.”

Ronnie Painter, who has been incarcerated since 1998 for burglary and drug offenses, says he was sexually violated by Bill Riccio at least four times when he was 15 years old. Photo by Billy Brown.

Reached by the Intelligence Report, Riccio denied that he had had or tried to have sex with any of the boys who flocked to his home in the 1990s. “That’s certainly not true in any sense of the word,” Riccio said.
Defying Nature
Rumors that Riccio engaged in illegal sexual activities with underage boys have circulated in the white supremacist movement for at least two decades. Now, three former Aryan National Front skinheads have come forward to allege that those rumors were true. Other former ANF skins interviewed for this story said that while Riccio did not sexually exploit them, they believe now that he took advantage of their difficult adolescences to instill them with racial hatred and influence them to commit crimes that ultimately landed many of them in prison.As one of Riccio’s former skinheads, Louis Oddo, puts it, “There’s no telling how many lives and families this guy has fucked up.”

In 1992, Jeff McClure was the tattoo artist for the Confederate Hammerskins, a violent skinhead faction whose members hung out at the compound along with the Aryan National Front. He was 15 when he first visited there.

“In junior high [school], all these kids that were poor white trash with no family were coming to school saying they were ANF and that they were with Bill Riccio,” recalls McClure. “The whole thing seemed strange to me.”

Kenny Loggins, a former Riccio skin who’s currently serving life without parole at Donaldson Correctional Facility for the killing of a hitchhiker when he was 17, is one of those who allege that Riccio made sexual advances to him.


“We went off alone to a trail in the woods,” Loggins said in a telephone interview from Donaldson. “We were talking and drinking. His exact words were, ‘Have you ever wanted to defy nature?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Have you ever wanted to make love to another man?'”According to his story, Riccio tried to reach between his legs. Loggins says he then knocked Riccio back and ran away. He was 15 at the time.

“The guy’s a child molester and I know it without a doubt,” says Loggins. “Back then, I tried to tell people about it but everyone was like, ‘Not Bill.’ As time went on, they would come to me and say, ‘You were right about Bill.'”
Riccio Responds
In his interview with the Report, Riccio blamed the accusations of sexual misconduct on disenchanted former friends trying to discredit him. “People say a whole lot of things when they are really reaching for something to assassinate your character,” he said.Riccio, who was contacted by phone at his workplace at Tire Tech, a tire dealership in Birmingham, was nonchalant about the allegations. He said he’s been called many things by many people — a snitch, a con-artist, a traitor — by former associates feeling a “little resentment” over their past relationships with him. He said that he still adheres to the “88 precepts,” a sort of neo-Nazi code of honor, which strictly prohibits homosexual behavior. “It’s not a healthy lifestyle,” Riccio said of homosexuality. “You put yourself at risk for diseases. It’s not conducive to the family, and it hurts the white birth rate.”

Riccio, who still attends and gives speeches at white supremacist rallies in Alabama and Georgia, confirmed to the Report that he continues to recruit young people into the white supremacist movement. He said he goes looking for them at shopping malls, concerts and “the swimming hole.”

“I have people over to shoot pool,” Riccio says. “Sometimes they’re 18 or 19. I don’t like to hang out with someone below 17 or 18, I like to keep it 18, 19, 20. They can do what they wanna do.”
‘Young Ones’
Michael “Shane” Moon was 15 years old when he met Riccio in 1992. He lived at the compound off and on for several months before he was eventually kicked out of Aryan National Front for using cocaine. (Riccio enforced a strict policy against hard drugs.) Moon went on to start the Aryan Mafia, an Alabama prison-based white supremacist gang. Heavily tattooed with Odinist and Nazi symbols, he is currently serving time at Ventress Correctional Facility for first-degree assault.Moon told the Report that Riccio never made any sexual moves on him, and initially said that he didn’t care to even think about such accusations. “I’ve learned not to pry into stuff that people don’t offer. Sometimes you don’t wanna know, and there’s a reason for that.” Later in a 45-minute interview, however, Moon started to express doubts, remembering that Riccio was close friends with Roger Handley, a former grand dragon with the Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who was convicted in May 1995 of sodomy and sexual abuse of a teenager.

“Roger [Handley] and Bill were in the Klan together. Roger had these same charges against him [sodomy] and they were friends,” says Moon. “I’m just pointing out some of the evidence that looks, y’know…”

Contacted by the Report, Handley, who is now 77, said that Riccio in the 1990s bragged about recruiting the “next generation” of Klansmen. “He got with that Aryan National Front, and two or three of [the boys] would come by my house to just talk, but I was never really around them to converse with them, and surely not in private.”

In November 1991, Handley and Riccio co-hosted a huge skinhead and Klan gathering on Handley’s farm. The following June, the two men organized a white power march through downtown Birmingham by 150 skinheads and Klansmen. “There were lots of young ones,” Handley recalls. “A hell of a lot of young ones.”
Bashing With a Buzz On
According to former skinheads interviewed for this story, a typical night at the compound found the skinheads drinking Evan Williams bourbon, Jägermeister and Heineken beer provided by Riccio, while the godfather ranted about clearing Jews, blacks and gays out of Alabama, a state he said he planned to claim as a “haven for whites.” Then, with a good buzz going, the skinheads would go out into the night, looking for non-whites, Jews and gays to “bash.””Bill was more the type that would make you feel like you wanted to do it,” says Moon. “He would never tell you to do anything.”

Another thing Moon remembers: “You’d see Bill with a beer all night, but if you actually watch him, it’s the same beer. It’s just to show the deceptive part of him. He puts up an image he wants you to see.”

The night of April 18, 1992, after a party at Riccio’s for Adolf Hitler’s birthday, a group of ANF and Hammerskin members went to a viaduct in downtown Birmingham, where they beat and stomped to death a black homeless man named Benny Rembert. “Bill is the one that told them to go bashing that night,” says Lonnie Painter, who says he attended the party that night. “Anytime we was having a party getting drunk, he said, ‘We gonna go do some bashing tonight.’ He made that speech at every party.”

Skinheads Edward Earl Simmons Hardeman, and Malcolm Samuel Driskill were convicted of Rembert’s murder. Mark Lane was convicted of manslaughter.

Later that year, Tom and Ken Collins, Cecil Bradley, Adam Galleon, Jonathan Miller and Louis Oddo were arrested with Riccio after a raid on the compound and charged with a medley of crimes including assault and weapons violations. In addition, in 1994, Oddo and Galleon were sentenced to 35 and 25 years, respectively, for murdering two homeless black men.

Now 33 years old, Lane is 14 years into a 20-year sentence for his part in the murder of Rembert. Today, he says that joining Riccio’s gang was the biggest mistake of his life. He recently covered up a swastika tattoo on his arm with a Native American tribal symbol. Another swastika remains tattooed inside his lower lip.

Lane is up for parole soon and he says he aims to get out and help steer kids away from the lure of racist gangs while finally enjoying a life on the outside with his wife and daughter. He says Riccio wrote him a letter once a few years back. His letter back was short and to the point: “Don’t write me again. You are a stain on my past.”
Still Bill
Riccio says the murder of Rembert was “random” and “unauthorized.” He says it “set the whole movement back 20 years.” “If they didn’t do what they did and brought the whole compound down, we’d still be out there educating the people,” Riccio says.He denies manipulating or brainwashing his young followers. “Not one person in jail was manipulated by me in any way. If they’d listened to me, not one of them would have went to jail. So, the kids blame me. But if they listened to what I said, I said, ‘Now is not the time.'”

Not long ago, Riccio says he found out he has a son who’s now 19 years old. Riccio said the boy’s mother won’t allow her son to associate with his biological father, which seems to bother Riccio about as much as being accused of pedophilia and ruining young lives, which is not a lot. “He’s a good ol’ redneck,” Riccio says of his son. “He didn’t want to be part of any movement and I respect that. Just as long as he marries someone white, he’s alright.”

The mother of Riccio’s son isn’t the only concerned parent in Alabama who’s determined to keep their son away from Riccio. “Riccio is a nothing, a nobody,” says Jean Startley, whose 31-year-old son Richard Startley was recently released from prison after a three-year sentence for a forgery charge. Richard Startley was a longtime associate of Riccio’s who earlier this year renounced neo-Nazi ideology and is seeking to remove a swastika tattoo from his face. “He got all these little soldiers making him think he’s a somebody,” he says. “Riccio is pretty radical and how he stays out of prison is beyond me.”

Riccio says he isn’t terribly concerned about parents who object to his spending time with their sons. “That’s cool,” he says. “But if you turn 18 and you still don’t feel [the same way as your parents], then come see me.”